Newtown Linford Parish Council

including Neighbourhood Watch

Clerk: Pam McMorran
76 Main Street, Newtown
Linford, Leicester LE6 0AD

The Institute was started in 1925 and over the years it has provided many members with friendship, fun and education in many topics.

Sadly at the A.G.M in 2006 it had to close due to no-one being able to take on the position of President. A number of the members have held that position several times during the years but this time no-one felt able to act. If anyone is willing to take this on, please contact Janet because there are still many ladies who would like to meet once a month as before.

The photograph shows the last meeting - Janet Collins is seen with Gwen Wakefield talking about her early memories of the Institute when as a teenager she used to go to meetings with her mother.

Janet Neaverson holds the Archives for the village which were originated by the W.I. and if you would like to see them - please call her on 01530 242911