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Information from Bradgate Park

Information from Bradgate Park

VISITOR INFORMATION: Care around the deer.
The deer at Bradgate Park are wild and our protected by our Bye-laws as well as wildlife legislation.
Visitors need to treat these wild animals with respect. Please do not approach animals to try and stroke them.
Do not feed the deer at Bradgate Park.
All visitors, including visiting photographers and those with mobile phones are asked to help safeguard the future of the deer by following a few basic rules:
• Distance – do not get closer than 30 metres to the deer
• Disturbance - if the deer are lying down it is a good indication they are ruminating, which is part of the deer's digestion process. Try not to make the deer move as this upsets their digestion.
• Pursuit - if the deer start to move away it is because they feel threatened. Please do not follow them as this causes stress similar to being chased. Whilst we have publicised dog chasing deer, visitors have also started to pursue animals and this is not acceptable.
• Surrounding- please do not try to photograph from all side this hems the deer in leaving them no room for manoeuvre and resulting in a high level of stress, comparable with being chased by a dog
Bradgate Park is famous for the deer - please treat them with respect when visiting.
They can be dangerous as they are wild and therefore unpredictable.

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