Clerk: Hannah Shaw
248 Markfield Road, Groby
Leicester LE6 0FS

resume prepared by the Chairman and presented to the January 2019 Parish Council meeting setting out the history of the Grey Crescent Consultation.

Subsequent to the distribution of letters informing residents of Grey Crescent of the Leicester County Council decision re parking restrictions ie: their offer of elongated 'H's we have had a number of communications from residents. I thought it would be useful to summarise the sequence of events and decisions that have been made regarding this matter. Needless to say there are reams and reams of emails between PC, LCC, and residents….

February 2016 – some residents hold discussions with Stuart Bullen (LCC Highways) regarding the installation of yellow lines in Grey Crescent to prevent nuisance parking that prevents residents from leaving and entering their drives.

July 2016- In conjunction with plans for parking restrictions along Bradgate Rd plans for yellow lines in Grey Crescent are to be included in a consultation exercise paid for by Bradgate Park Trust. These plans show yellow lines extending up to 17 Grey Crescent (with a small gap between 7 and 9- double plot). Parish Council confirms agreement with these plans.

Aug 2016- David Snartt has discussions with Highways regarding Bradgate Rd.

Sept 2016 Meeting with Peter Tyldesley Pam McMorran, Deborah Taylor, David Snartt, Sue Pritchard. Peter Tyldesley confirms the cost of the consultation/implementation (£7,500) will be borne by the trust.

Mar 2017 Parish Council informed that the plans would 'soon be out for consultation'

Apr 2017 The plans are discussed at Parish Council meeting with residents from Grey Crescent in attendance. These residents express a wish for the yellow lines to be extended to 27/29 Grey crescent.

Dec 2017 The plans (extensive yellow lines) come out for public consultation. It soon becomes clear that there are a number of residents who do not wish yellow lines in Grey Crescent and they coordinate a response in the form of a letter and 'tick box' options and distribute this to Grey Crescent and Main St residents in the vicinity.

Feb 1st 2018 Public meeting in the Village Hall 90 residents attend and discuss the intolerable parking situation within the village with representatives from LCC Highways (Fiona Blockley, Denise Hough) Bradgate Park Trust (Peter Tyldesley Peter Osborne Colonel Martin Carolyn Holmes) Police (Sgt Rod Smart).

After this meeting a Village Parking Working Group was formed (Chairman Julian Heubeck, Secretary Casey Pearson) to address such issues as warden enforcement, possible parking schemes etc. Sue Pritchard and David Snartt in attendance at these meetings with Deborah Taylor attending once.

Mar 2018 Temporary 'coning' of Bradgate Rd during Anstey diversion and Easter.

April 2018 Parish Council pays £800 for extra warden presence over peak times. Correspondence from LCC states that 'residents only parking scheme' would not be enforceable and not financially viable- even at £50/permit.

May 2018 LCC reissues Grey Crescent consultation as original had erroneously kept gap outside 7-9 Grey Crescent. Fiona B states all responses received during 1st consultation will be included in second. Yellow lines and 'no waiting' are installed on Bradgate Rd. Parish Council informed a parking survey towards a 'whole village solution' would cost in the region of £40,000.

10th July 2018 Meeting at County Hall with Fiona Blockley, Deborah Taylor, David Snartt, Pam McMorran, Sue Pritchard, Vicky Lightfoot and Julian Heubeck. We are verbally informed by Fiona that the response to the consultation is about 50/50 and asked the Parish Council position. Sue Pritchard states that 'given the choice between residents being inconvenienced by not being able to park outside their homes versus residents being inconvenienced and verbally abused by inconsiderate parkers- it should be yellow lines'. The requirements of possible Parking Surveys (carried out by the Village Parking Group) are discussed. It is agreed that this should be done once Grey Crescent decision has been implemented.

31st August – in response to question on progress PC informed that Fiona will be dealing with decision in September.

Despite repeated requests no progress reported until

20th Nov Parish Council receives report from LCC – 25 responses 16 objections and 9 supporting yellow lines (of these there were 12 objections from Grey Crescent residents). Fiona states that at Aug meeting she had not fully analysed the responses… In view of the response LCC offer to install H's across driveways at no cost to residents.

Dec 2018 Matter discussed at Parish Council meeting. Deborah Taylor requested to discuss possibility with LCC of a more limited region of yellow lines outside properties who were known to have more problems with ingress/egress.

Jan 2019 Deborah Taylor informed councillors that limited yellow lines were not agreed by LCC as these areas were close to those who had objected and it would not be possible to install yellow lines unless a further consultation was held (and this would require further funding).

Meeting at Grey Crescent with Deborah Taylor, David Snartt, Pam McMorran and Sue Pritchard to view drives where Hs to be offered and existing parking restrictions. It is agreed that the majority of residents would be helped providing the 'h's are observed

Sue Pritchard writes to residents on behalf of Parish Council informing them of LCCs offer and requesting feedback on parking issues once these have been installed.