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Newtown Linford lies to the north west of Leicester. It formed part of the Bradgate Estate which was sold by Auction in November 1925. The Estate was formerly the property of the Seventh Earl of Stamford and Warrington and sold by Mrs. K.H.V. Grey. See the table showing the prices of most of the properties.

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Latest News

Statement from Parish Councillors regarding Traffic Management Consultations November 2020

Posted: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 11:52 by Hannah Shaw

From your Parish Councillors

By now we hope that the recent proposals for changes to parking restrictions are becoming well known. These proposals seek to address both parking problems within the village and the dangerous parking occurring in those roads surrounding Bradgate Park. The responses received to last years questionnaire (distributed to every residence in the Parish) confirmed the degree of concern about these issues and the Parish Council has part-funded this consultation. LCC and Leicester Council have also obtained 'pandemic' funding (to address traffic issues) and it is only this funding which has enabled this process to proceed. More »

In years past we have always had days where the park is busy, New Years Day, Boxing Day, summer Bank holidays… but since the Leicester City Council and Leicestershire County Councils have reduced their funding of Bradgate Park the Trust has sought to cover their costs by attracting more visitors to the park. However, they have done little to increase their parking capacity, particularly when their overflow parking is too wet for use. For many years we have been seeking to protect our residents from the inconvenience and danger of inconsiderate parking, some areas of the village have had double yellow lines and some have chosen to have white H bars across their driveways. We have also, unsuccessfully, explored the possibility of resident parking schemes. We have paid for extra traffic enforcement officers to attempt to ensure that offenders reflect upon their parking choices but have been caught between the areas of responsibility between Police and Highways (dangerous parking) and Civil (yellow line parking).

In the meantime the number of visitors to the major tourist attraction on our doorstep has been increasing and, with the pandemic restrictions this year, we have been drowning in their cars on every single weekend and fine day... Not only within the village but the roads surrounding Bradgate park have been choked with cars parking on verges, driveways and pavements. We have had residents unable to leave their properties, cars driving on pavements, pedestrians and wheelchair users forced into the road and our businesses and farms unable to access their facilities. There have been a number of 'near misses' and it is only by good fortune that a serious accident has not occurred.

These proposals (which have been discussed at Parish, Borough and County meetings) suggest an increase in the double yellow line areas through the village, where the responses to our traffic surveys highlighted particularly dangerous areas. They also contain proposals for areas outside the immediate area ie Sharpley and Hunts Hill, Roecliffe Road, Bradgate Road (towards Anstey) and lower Markfield Lane where there have been highway safety concerns.

I know that these proposals will not solve all the problems we have now or may face in the future (with all the additional housing planned for North East Leicester), but they do give us the ability to legally challenge those parking dangerously and we would expect increased visits from enforcement officers. Bradgate Park Trust must also urgently address their parking capacity issues and we continue to raise this issue with them and with LCC.

Please respond to the consultation, it is not an 'all or nothing' proposal, if you feel there are areas that should not be included then please state this but also state which areas you are in favour of. The more replies that are received the more the result will reflect what we, the residents want.

We have this opportunity now and only now – there will be no further funding available after this -so please, please use it.

Traffic Management Consultations for Newtown Linford and Cropston, Anstey and Woodhouse Eaves are available to view via the link attached. » Less

Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders for Newtown Linford and Bradgate Park Area

Posted: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 15:16 by Hannah Shaw

For anyone who has not received direct communication, Traffic Management Consultations for proposed Traffic Regulation Orders in Newtown Linford and the surrounding area, are now live on the Leicestershire County Council website.

The proposed measures are aimed at increased amenity and to improve safety in and around the village and Bradgate Park.

All details, including consultation response forms, can be viewed via the link below. More »

Alternatively, all plans have been displayed on the Village Hall noticeboard.

If you are in support of the proposals, please submit a response.

If you wish to object to the proposals, please submit a response.

The deadline for responses is 17th December 2020.

It is vital LCC receive as many responses as possible.

Please do not hesitate in contacting me should you require assistance.

Thank you.

Hannah Shaw

Clerk to Newtown Linford Parish Council » Less

Bob Bown Play Park now OPEN!

Bob Bown Play Park now OPEN!

Posted: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 10:44 by Hannah Shaw

The Bob Bown Play Park has now reopened.

Please familiarise yourself with our Guidance for Safe Use as advised by the Government. Signage has been displayed around the park.

Please note, park users will need to provide their own hand sanitiser.

Our sincere thanks go to Billy Rigg for designing our fantastic new play park signage.

Stay safe in your own space and enjoy!