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Newtown Linford Parish Council

including Neighbourhood Watch

Clerk: Pam McMorran
76 Main Street, Newtown
Linford, Leicester LE6 0AD

1897 22nd March Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, Bradgate Park

1925 Sunday School with Parson and Mrs. Marriott. taken on Church Meadow

1944 Home Guard

John Patrick

Ted Whitmore

Alf Henson

Tom Dickens

Bill Jackson

Sid Patrick


Bill Hill

Edward Hazelgrave

Jim Miles

Harold Watterson

Cyril Littleworth

Jack Hewitt

Edwin Hopley

C O Gordon Fantom

Jack Bland

Harold Boulter

Alan Brown

Phil Usherwood

Civic event in Bradgate Park. The person holding the tree is the father of Gwen Wakefield

1951 Scouts - includes Scout Brian Anderson and leader Alan Iliffe - both still living here in 2015

1953 Some of the village ladies in their costumes

1970 Lane End Farm before renovation

1981 Garden Party in the Vicarage Garden

2006 Betty and John Patrick celebrate their Golden Wedding

2006 Head of School Governors Councillor David Snartt seen with a former pupil Joan Patrick and her two grandsons

2007 The village school celebrates it's centenary

2007 The Linford Garden Fete

2007 Sheila Langton retires from the Parish Council after 25 years

2007 Joss Attridge retires from the Parish Council

2008 Parish Council Chair Ken Waterfall presents Coucillor Virginia Toone with the Cerficate she was awarded to enable her to look after the safety on the Bob Bown Playing Field.

2008 The Mayor of Charnwood Borough Council Mayor Tormey visits the Welcome Club in the Sunday School

2009 Parish Clerk Lydia Knott presents Pam McMorran website Editor with the Oscar awarded by Leicestershire Villages

2009 Rachel Green retired from the Parish Council

2010 The 'Bon Voyage' gathering which was a surprise for Peggy Bown when she left the village. From left to right, Jennie Whitehead, Lydia Knott, Peggy, Ed Killick, Jan Croft, Millie Mason and Denise Clarke. (photograph courtesy of Stan Clarke)

2010 Brown Owl on Thinking Day which is Febuary 22nd.

2013 Virginia Toon retires from the Parish Council

2013 Peggy Bown celebrates her 90th birthday

2013 Nigel Blythe retires from the Parish Council

2014 Councillor David Snarrt is appointed Vice Chair of Leicestershire County Council. He is seen here with his wife Joan.

date to be checked? Alistair Cook from Groby Lane dies on Kilimanjaro

2016 Ken Waterfall retires from the Parish council after being Parish Council Chairman for many years. David Snartt makes the presentation

2016 Janet Neaverson retires from the Parish Council. She served as the Vice Chair and was on the Council for over forty years.

2016 Dr. Richard Lowe retires from the Parish Council.

2016 Lydia Knott retires from being the Parish Clerk, Responsible Finance Officer and Registrar for Burials for 45 years.

2017 Lydia Knott Parish celebrates her 80th Birthday. Seen here with her partner Chris and son and daughter Helen and Peter.