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Parking Myth Buster

Posted: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 09:38 by Pam McMorran - Site Administrator

Parking Myth Buster

Parking Myth Buster - recently published by County Councillor Deborah Taylor:-

Double Yellow Lines – You are not allowed to park on double yellow lines but you can park to load and unload for a limited period on double yellow lines as long as there is not a no loading restriction on those yellow lines. Double yellow lines also cover the pavement area as this is classed as part of the highway so you can be fined for parking on a pavement beside a road that has double yellow lines.

Blue Badge Holders – Can park on double yellow lines for a limited period of time but they cannot park on double yellow lines that have a no loading restriction in place.

Pavement Parking – Pavement parking is not illegal as long as it is not causing an obstruction. If there is not enough room for pedestrians to walk on the pavement, not enough room for pushchairs/wheelchairs/ scooters to pass on the pavement safely and they are forced to walk on a busy road this is a police matter. The police can get a car removed for causing an obstruction on the pavement but the obstruction must be severe and cause a danger for path users.
If your driveway is obstructed and you cannot leave your property this is an obstruction and you can call the police to get the vehicle removed. If you return to your property and your driveway is obstructed and you cannot assess your driveway this is not obstruction and there is nothing the police can do.

Resident/Business Permit Parking Zones – these are designed to help residents and businesses to park close to their homes or business and make it more difficult for none residents to park. In areas where 40% of residents have off street parking a permit parking scheme will not be considered. Resident Permit schemes also have to be self-funding, so there needs to be enough residents paying into the scheme to cover the costs of the permits and enforcement patrols. Permit parking does not reserve or guarantee spaces exclusively for each permit holder or their visitors.

Note from Clerk - Incidentally I was informed at the meeting I attended yesterday that there could soon be changes to the way Residents Parking Schemes are applied in the near future.

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