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Police June update

Posted: Tue, 04 Jul 2017 09:56 by Pam McMorran - Site Administrator

Police June update

Crime update June 2017

There has been a report Main Street that two hanging baskets had been taken. (Cricket Club)

Crime prevention advice

There have been reports in Leicestershire of distraction breaks this month. The suspect approaches the house holder claiming to be from the water board and states that dye has been placed in the water. The homeowner is asked to run a tap and look for the colour change. During this the suspect steals items belonging to the occupant.

The warmer weather is here and the holiday season approaches. Please remember to secure all doors and windows when leaving your home, and if you have an alarm fitted this should be set.

Good news

There was an incident in Rothley where two males were seen in a building site. The males were spotted near to machinery on the site. The two males then made off but were then located and arrested close to the site. There has also been a positive result from a burglary – non dwelling in the Woodhouse Eaves area where 4 persons have been arrested.

We'd like to meet you

Please check the Leicestershire policing website for dates and venues for our forth coming Beat surgeries.

Should you wish to speak with any member of the beat team listed below then please call 101 in the first instance or via email.

PC4505 Leye Price, Dedicated Neighbourhood Officer, PCSO 6524 Chris Kendall,

PCSO 6030 Craig Miller, PS 2992 Rod Smart– Team Leader

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