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Newtown Linford Parish Council

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Clerk: Pam McMorran
76 Main Street, Newtown
Linford, Leicester LE6 0AD

Notice of Tree work

Posted: Thu, 13 Jul 2017 16:24 by Pam McMorran - Site Administrator

Notice of Tree work

I wish to make Newtown Linford Parish Council aware of some work which Leicestershire County Council (LCC) intends to carry out, to two trees on Bradgate Road. Both trees – an oak opposite 474 and ash opposite 422 – are within the highway extent and are managed by LCC.

Unfortunately the ash has become structurally weakened, following a heavy infestation by an aggressive decay pathogen. It cannot be safely retained as part of the highway and the proposed work is to remove the tree. We will of course look to provide a suitable replacement for it during the coming winter.

The oak has been in decline for many years now. Unfortunately it died during autumn 2016 and spring 2017. However, rather than fell what remains of the trunk I propose to reduce it in size. This is an attempt to retain the trunk as a feature and ecological habitat, similar to those found within Bradgate Park. We will also look to plant a suitable replacement for this tree.

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