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Newtown Linford Parish Council

Serving the people of Newtown Linford

Clerk: Pam McMorran
76 Main Street, Newtown
Linford, Leicester LE6 0AD

Neighbourhood Police Team update

Posted: Thu, 06 Apr 2017 20:21 by Pam McMorran - Site Administrator

Neighbourhood Police Team update

Crime update March 2017

Residents of Newtown Linford have reported two breaks into out buildings and sheds in the month of March.These were in the areas of Roecliffe Road and Main Street.

Tools, garden furniture and cycles are often kept in sheds and out buildings, consider locking items up inside any building as well as locking and securing building themselves.We would always recommend that you security mark your possessions and use good locks to secure doors and windows.Shed alarms and security lighting is also a useful crime deterrent.

Crime prevention advice

Now warmer weather is on the way, remember to leave windows and doors locked and secured if you are not at home.If you are in your garden lock the windows and doors at the front of your home and don't allow the opportunists to take advantage of the sunshine.

Keep your belongings out of sight.Don't be a victim of crime. If you see anything suspicious please report it straight away on either 101 or 999 in an emergency.

We have seen a rise in dog related incidents.Please keep your dogs under control when in a public place.Being the owner of a Dog dangerously out of control is an offence.It is lambing season and for those who enjoy walking in the countryside with their dogs, please take responsibility for their behavior.Farmers have the right to shoot a dog on sight if it is allowed to worry any of his livestock.

Good news

We are joining forces with our neighbouring beat, Mountsorrel.This will means that we will have more beat team member and therefore greater duty coverage over the month. I will still be the dedicated neighbourhood officer for the Rothley but my colleague PC 2041 Glenn SPIBY will also be available when I am not around.

We'd like to meet you

Please check the Leicestershire policing website for dates and venues for our forth coming Beat surgeries.

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